About Cinnamon Wit


What's in a Name?

Cinnamon reflects an ancient meaning that signifies ‘the sweet and pungent aroma of knowledge’Cinnamon can be found as a spice, herb, bark, or oils. It contains antioxidant properties that influences health, metabolism, and protects brain function. It purposefully creates energy to keep activity strong and spirited.

Wit is defined as wisdom, keen intelligence and common sense.  Wit presents as astuteness, and an aptitude for using words or ideas creatively. A person’s native wit demonstrates as perceptive, clever, and expressive.   

Cinnamon Wit represents partnering with educational systems in leadership development, consultation, and designing methodologies for curriculum standards. Counseling principles are integrated into practices by using a holistic wellness connection approach.  Grant-writing services and collaboration are available to assist with developing relevant models for academic and personal growth. 

All services are administered with sweet knowledge, energy, astute intelligences, and healthy doses of native wit!

Observing, learning and engaging to do!


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